5 Tips to Inspire Creativity and Hope

by Tamara Fyke

I haven’t been watching the news very much lately, but each time I tune in I catch enough of the headlines to know that people are worried. In a world of fear, we need hope.

Did you know that the Renaissance, lasting from the end of the 14th century until the 1600s, was born out of similar desperation? The world had suffered from wars, climate changes, famines, and the Black Plague. The Plague killed an estimated 75 million people worldwide. The future looked bleak. However, out of the ashes arose Botticelli, Michaelangelo, da Vinci, and others, whose works, such as The Birth of Venus, David and Mona Lisa, have influenced and inspired history for centuries.

Creativity breeds hope. Art provides a respite from the toils of daily life. The singer, the writer, the painter, the dancer, the artist help us see the good in a world gone awry.

I wonder what artists will emerge from this current crisis. Whose voice will speak of what is true and beautiful? Maybe it will be one of your students. Maybe it will be you. Pick up your pen, your paintbrush, your guitar, whatever your instrument is and create. Inspire hope.

Tips for Inspiring Creativity & Hope:

Menu of Options Provide a menu for projects that students can do in ELA, Social Studies, and Science. Include photography, graphic arts, storytelling and more in your menu.

Journaling Dedicate at least 15 minutes per day for students to journal, either prompted or not. Give them the opportunity to draw in their journals as well. Play classical music during this quiet time of reflection.

Maker Space Offer at least one period each week for students to create without being graded. Fill the space with supplies, such as paints and canvas, beads and string, and more.

Showcase Host an in-person or virtual showcase each week in which students can share a project that they are proud of or share a hidden talent, such as baking, singing, or dancing.

Listening Sessions Open the conversation for students to use their voices about what creativity means to them or what creative projects can be done as a class or a school, such as a garden or mural. Ask questions to help them get organized and stay diligent.

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