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For newsworthy information relevant to the education market, please submit your press release for editorial review. Your release should call out benefits to organizations or individuals within education. Non-market specific releases will not be published.

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Please read the instructions for each field carefully so that your submission can be approved as expeditiously as possible. Please use the Chrome browser for the optimal experience.
Remove the headline/title from your release and place it in this field. Place your sub headline (if you have one) at the top of the Main Content Section below.
Please tell us when you would like us to post the release. It is best to have the submission provided to our team 24 hours in advance..
Please resolve any formatting issues or extra line breaks or prior to submitting. Links, images and other media should be embedded in the above content. The posts feature image should be uploaded below.
Please provide a one to two sentence excerpt for SEO and article posting purposes.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Provide a post hero image. We highly recomend you do not just submit your company logo as a featured image. If you would like to use your logo then please place it on a compelling image that represents yoru release. See the site for examples. Recommended 1200px wide. Not required but provides for a better reader experience. Releases without compelling imagery cannot become headline material.
Contact person for the submission in case our review team has any questions.

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