A Teacher’s Balancing Act

by Ian Egan

As the District Reading Specialist at the Bangor School District in Wisconsin, Deborah Cromer is focused every day on literacy in all its forms. Her concentration encompasses visual literacy as well as words on a page, including graphic novels, illustrations on the web, photography, and art. The way Deborah sees it, we have to prepare students today for a future that has yet to be determined and stay on top of technology that affects the way we consume information.

She understands the difficulty that educators face regarding literacy is the same problem that we are facing in society as a whole: How do we balance reading and literacy for students? She points out that there is still a place in the student literacy diet for traditional kinds of reading, like books, magazines, and newspapers, but we also have to evolve and accept the role of new digital methods of content delivery like e-books and other on-screen technologies.

Deborah knows that the balancing act is going to propel us into an unpredictable future when it comes to literacy, and she is working hard to make sure her students are not left behind.

About Deborah Cromer:

Deborah Cromer is the District Reading Specialist and K-2 Title I Reading teacher at the Bangor School District in Wisconsin. She works with students, parents, and teachers on literacy teaching and learning.

Growing up in South Carolina, Deborah has fond memories of reading from her early childhood and is still a voracious reader. Writing is also important to her, and she wrote every day in a journal she keeps by her reading chair. She enjoys teaching in Bangor and helping children become readers and writers who can and choose to read and write for fun, to satisfy their curiosity, to think deeply, and to enrich their daily lives.

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This article was originally published in the Huffington Post .

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