Connecting Teachers to Mathematics Strategy with Kieran Mackle, Mind the Gap, Ep. 40 (S2E15)

by EdCircuit Staff

For this episode, Tom and Emma chat with Kieran Mackle, an author, podcast host, and primary school maths leader. The conversation begins with a discussion on mathematics strategy for teachers. Kieran’s most recent book, Thinking Deeply About Primary Mathematics, discusses hundreds of strategies for teachers with researched and practiced methodologies. One major topic that Tom, Emma, and Kieran discuss is the structural discourse around maths education and foundational learning, particularly pedagogical differences concerning mental maths and formal algorithm. Kieran puts forth a system of using consistency as a goal for a national curriculum that focuses on skill generation and mathematical fluency rather than content coverage. Kieran’s philosophy largely stems from mathematical maturation, a concept from Mark McCourt’s book Teaching For Mastery, a seminal work on the subject. 

Later in the discussion, the group focuses on scheme implementation in primary mathematics. Kieran focuses primarily on the power of time when it comes to introducing pedagogical schemes into primary learning. Taking time to decide on a scheme and evaluate its potency is essential. 

Lastly, the group discusses Kieran’s podcast, Thinking Deeply About Primary Education . The podcast includes discussions between Kieran, Lloyd, and other familiar guests to the MTG audience, such as Christopher Such, about matters of pedagogy and policy, with sporadic long-form interviews with industry experts, diving into the nitty-gritty of practice, policy, communication, assessment and more. 

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About the participants: 

Kieran Mackle is a 15+ year primary mathematics educator and leader. He is also the author of several books and articles including Tackling Misconceptions in Primary Mathematics and Thinking Deeply About Primary Mathematics. In addition, Kieran hosts the Thinking Deeply About Primary Education podcast, inviting educators to discuss strategies, problems, and solutions facing primary education today. Follow Kieran on Twitter @Kieran_M_Ed

Tom Sherrington has worked in schools as a teacher and leader for 30 years and is now a consultant specializing in teacher development and curriculum & assessment planning. His books include Teaching WalkThrus, Rosenshine’s Principles in Action, and The Learning Rainforest Fieldbook. He regularly contributes to conferences and CPD sessions locally and nationally and is busy working in schools and colleges across the UK and around the world. Follow Tom on Twitter @teacherhead

Emma Turner joined Discovery Schools Academy Trust as the Research and CPD lead after 20 years in primary teaching. She is the founder of ‘NewEd – Joyful CPD for early-career teachers’, a not-for-profit approach to CPD to encourage positivity amongst the profession and help to retain teachers in post. Turner is the author of Be More Toddler: A Leadership Education From Our Little Learners and Let’s Talk About Flex: Flipping the flexible working narrative for education

Follow Emma on Twitter @emma_turner75

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