Bridging the Digital Divide with Dr. Patrick Gittisriboongul – S2E16

by EdCircuit Staff

Digital Equity– an often discussed topic during the pandemic and online learning, it is a subject that many rural, urban, and suburban communities faced when going to distance learning. Providing students with technology and internet access was a long and arduous process for many districts and it led to some amazing infrastructure initiatives and changes. In this episode of the CoSN podcast presented by Discovery Education, we discuss the factors of digital equity as well as strategies to address inequities.

Today’s guest is Patrick Gittisriboongul, Ed.D is the Assistant Superintendent of Technology and Innovation at Lynwood Unified School District in California.  In 2020, the Linwood Unified District had to address the digital divide in order for students to access online learning. Unlike many districts, Dr. G created a resolution to solve digital equity, and specifically provide secure internet access and fiber to the city of Lynwood. Dr. G’s efforts are truly inspiring and set a precedent for digital equity and distance learning across the country.

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