Ep. 26 – Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

by EdCircuit Staff

Teacher Appreciation Week takes place annually the first full week of May, and this year we are especially grateful. Over the last year, teachers were asked to rapidly adapt to pandemic life while continuing to be there for their students and families. To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, we invited third grade student Chloe back to the program, and she describes her transition from learning online to her return to in-person learning. Her amazing teacher, Señora Maria, made things comfortable for all students during this unusual year. Chloe is so thankful and provides her perspective and deep appreciation for her teacher.

About the host:

Dr. Wendy Oliver is a highly qualified Tennessee teacher and administrator who has pioneered digital learning across multiple states and school districts. She has authored digital teaching standards and developed software that allows teachers to self-assess their knowledge of digital instruction. No matter which hat she’s wearing, her goal is simple — to empower learners. Dr. Oliver is currently the Chief Learning Officer for EdisonLearning. Follow Dr. Oliver on Twitter @oliver_dr and learn more about EdisonLearning by visiting https://edisonlearning.com/

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